The Paint That Speaks For Itself

Dream in colors, for hues, are vibrant. Paint each day with a smile. In days of the past, don’t grieve; Make a new deposit to the pleasant memory bank! Let your life be a reason for others to LIVE.

Who We Are

Casa DC is an independent importer and manufacturer of paint. Originally we specialized in bringing top-quality paint from renowned European producers.
We soon realized that the high prices for imported paint are not always affordable for Ghanaian customers and started our own manufacturing, aiming to match the high European quality standards at a significantly lower price. Today, we have branches in Kumasi, Takoradi, and the Greater Accra area.
Through partnerships, we are delivering quality paint to most of the regions.
Although we are not as big as the biggest names in the market, we are surely leading when it comes to the quality of paint

Our Brands

Our two brands are CASA for imported paint and KWAAHS for locally manufactured paint. See below the product range for each brand.

Casa Products

Casa Acrylic Paint

Imported Acrylic Paint for exterior and interior application. It is washable and solvent-free and good for use on plasterboards, concrete, and metal. Casa Acrylic Paint comes in two varieties

Casa Acrylic Paint High-gloss

Casa Acrylic Paint High Gloss gives a brilliant color to the surface on which it is applied.

Casa Acrylic Paint Semigloss

Casa Acrylic Paint Semigloss gives a shiny, silk-like finish to surfaces. It is regarded as having a more elegant effect than high-gloss products.

Casa Acrylic Paint Mat (“BESTA”)

Casa Acrylic Paint Mat (also sold under the name “BESTA”) is just giving the surface the color of your choice. It is primarily used for interior and exterior walls.

Casa Oil Paint

Imported Oil Paint for all use on all surfaces commonly associated with Oil Paint, like wood, concrete walls and metal. Casa Oil Paint gives surfaces a homogenous cover that protects them from humidity and dust. It is washable and characterized by its long durability.

Casa Fix Tile Cement

Based on original European formulas, Casa Fix Tile Cement is a premium product for fixing ceramic tiles in bathrooms, floors and in the exterior.

Casa Turpentine

Based on original European formulas, Casa Fix Tile Cement is a premium product for fixing ceramic tiles in bathrooms, floors and in the exterior.

Kwaahs Products

Kwaahs Emulsion Paint

Locally manufactured Emulsion Paint for interior and exterior use on concrete walls, plaster boards, and ceilings. It is recommended to prepare new walls with Primer before applying the paint.

Kwaahs Super Charm

Locally manufactured Emulsion Paint only for interior use on concrete walls, plasterboards, and ceilings with a limited range of colors (white). It is one of the most economic products on the market with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Kwaahs Putty Filler

Kwaahs Putti Filler is used to equal uneven surfaces, cover cracks and holes in interior concrete walls before applying paint. With Kwaahs Putty Filler you have an easy-to-apply solution for imperfections in walls and ceilings.

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